What is SellerNexus?

SellerNexus is a service that helps you increase the amount of seller feedback and product reviews your customers leave on Amazon. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Amazon seller, you probably know that positive product reviews are one of the cornerstones of successful sales on the platform. Product reviews help not only the buyers who make purchasing decisions based on them but also the sellers themselves because this way they can get the most honest feedback about products. You can find out all the pros and cons, or get an idea on how to improve your product based on product reviews. You can find out all the pros and cons or get an idea of how to improve your product based on product reviews with an Amazon review tracker.

Introducing the new and 100%-safe way to convert up to 30% of your orders into reviews

Now you can automate official Amazon review and feedback requests, which is significantly more efficient than standard Buyer-Seller Messaging requests. Try it yourself with FREE 1-month full access! No card required.

This new method has many advantages:

  • No need to share Seller Central access information
  • 100% Amazon-approved messages
  • Amazon translates requests to the buyer’s native language
  • Exclude specific ASINs, refunded orders, buyers who left feedback or review, etc.
  • Automatically detects when order is physically delivered

Learn how you can implement this new Amazon’s “Request a Review” feature in your strategy in just 5 minutes. 1-month free trial, no card required.

SellerNexus sends automated emails to your customers politely asking them to leave feedback or a product review. This method complies with Amazon rules and is one of the few allowed at the current time. Therefore, many sellers willingly use feedback automation services and with minor modifications (choosing the optimal time for sending a message, custom letter texts, images, etc.) achieve good results. And the most convenient thing is that the email campaign can be configured only once, and it will continue to work automatically, forever. You only need to check how it’s doing from time to time.

SellerNexus Features

Pre-Written Letter Templates – SellerNexus has simple yet effective letter templates. So, if you don’t feel like experimenting with your copy, you can launch your first campaign in just a few minutes.

But if you still want to create your custom letter, SellerNexus has a handy Wizard that even a beginner can figure out.

Feedback tracker – The service monitors the seller’s feedback profile and sends notifications about negative feedback. This is a useful feature that helps you to respond to any customer problem in time and maintain a high level of customer service.

Automatic blacklist – This function allows you to exclude from the mailing list users who have previously left you negative feedback or asked for a refund. Now you don’t have to manually track such customers, which greatly saves time and reduces the likelihood of repeated negative feedback.

Email Triggers – Flexible and properly configured triggers can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your emails. SellerNexus allows you to set up various types of email campaigns and, depending on your needs, and you can independently determine who of your customers will receive this or that letter. Filter your audience by ASINs, order status, determine at what time and on what day the message will be sent. These nuances play a huge role in increasing the conversion of your requests.

Advanced Analytics – SellerNexus shows the open rate for all of your emails, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your headers and timing settings quickly. You also have access to information about the general progress of campaigns and other nuances of your Amazon business.

What are the Pros of SellerNexus?

  • Simple and user-friendly interface that is easy to understand even for a beginner.
  • Powerful Email Creation Wizard that allows you to create custom emails quickly.
  • Pre-written email templates with good efficiency.
  • A large number of triggers to customize campaigns and improve performance.
  • Feedback alerts, which help maintain a good seller rating and solve customer problems on time.

What are the Cons of SellerNexus?

  • Supports only North American marketplaces – USA, Canada, Mexico.
  • There is no review monitoring, which is much more important than monitoring seller feedbacks because product reviews have a more significant impact on sales.
  • Not very convenient tariff plans, the difference between the initial Plan A and the next Plan B is too big.

What is an alternative to SellerNexus?

Seller Nexus can be a useful tool for getting feedback and reviews. Still, when it comes to the more advanced functionality that most sellers need every day, the service, unfortunately, doesn’t have much to offer. For a lower price, SageMailer provides the same features, plus review monitoring for an unlimited number of ASINs, A/B testing to determine the best letters variants, automatic generation of VAT invoices, and, most interestingly, automation of the NEW Amazon “Request a Review” button.

This method uses official Amazon requests, which are 100% safe and show a much higher conversion compared to the Buyer-Seller Messaging requests (which are used by SellerNexus).

Monthly Plans Comparison – SellerNexus and SageMailer

SageMailer SellerNexus
Plan Basic Plan A
Price $10/month $12.99/month
Email Limit 500 500
Product review monitoring Unlimited ASINs N/A
“Request a Review” button YES N/A
Multilingual templates YES N/A

Learn More About SageMailer Here

SageMailer Features that Seller Nexus doesn’t have

Amazon’s “Request a Review” button automation

This is the NEW method of requesting product reviews and seller feedback using the official Amazon requests. With SageMailer, you can simply set up the “Request a Review” button campaigns that can be empowered by additional filters and timing settings.

The “Request a Review” button method is up to 30%-50% more efficient than the Buyer-Seller Messaging method that is used by most feedback software on the market.

Analytics and A/B testing

To choose the time and weekdays for sending letters with the best conversion, SageMailer has the A/B testing feature that allows creating a few variants of one letter, eventually spread them between orders and measure the open rate of each letter. To find the best option, you will need just a few minutes, and then the system will calculate everything automatically.

VAT Invoicing

Buyers from the EU often ask for a VAT invoice after purchase. Sending them manually is a very time-consuming task, especially when you have a lot of orders. Now you can just fill in a few fields, and SageMailer will do all the job for you, its Amazon invoice generator automatically calculates your VAT rates in every EU marketplace and for every order. Just choose how you’d like to send invoices to customers: for all orders, orders with particular ASINs, or from specific marketplaces.

Inbox & manual emails

This feature allows you to get and reply to all your Amazon buyer messages from all marketplaces on a single page. No need to manually check each marketplace’s Seller Central for new messages. You can also speed up answering typical inquiries by using your custom pre-created templates.

Final Thoughts

SellerNexus is a nice-looking service with an intuitive interface but with limited functionality. It also doesn’t support just NA Amazon marketplaces and doesn’t have a review monitoring function. At the same time, it’s more expensive than, for example, SageMailer, which has much more powerful features and can send 100% safe Amazon product review requests.

More Reviews = More Sales!

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