September 10, 2019

5 Reasons Why Feedback Five Doesn’t Suit Me

Feedback Five is an authoritative player in the market of feedback automation. It is basically a tool to automatically solicit feedback from customers. However, I have found that it has the classic problem, common among many experienced players.

I already wrote why I stopped using Feedback Genius and chose SageMailer. A lot of people asked me why I didn't try Feedback Five. Actually, I tried it, but after a week of use, I continued my search. Feedback Five is an authoritative player in the market of feedback automation. However, I have found that it has the classic problem, common among many experienced players. So, let's figure it out.

What I Don’t Like About Feedback Five

To further understand why I change my feedback management tool, I will cite some important notes here.

1. Service is slowly updated

Feedback Five is very inert. It relies mainly on the already formed backbone of the old users and not on the newcomers.

2. Expensive additional features

You will get a low Feedback Five pricing on the initial or upon the first subscription. This, though, seem to be just a bait because eventually, your account can become more expensive due to additional fees. For example, fees for connecting additional stores and email overage.

3. It’s difficult to pick a plan

Choosing the optimal plan is being complicated by many small functional differences between the subscription plans. If you’re a beginner at this domain, I don’t recommend Feedback Five.

4. Overcomplicated interface

The Feedback Five interface is not very friendly for an average seller. The non-intuitive design from the middle of the 2000s creates problems with the setting and configuration of letters.

5. Unprofessional customer support

And last but not least, it took the support team way too long just to answer a few of my common questions and some do not even respond at all.

So here is another Feedback Five alternative

Since I was not satisfied with the service of Feedback Five, I find it my responsibility to find a much better option. I have found a great service in SageMailer.

FeedbackFive and SageMailer: PRO plans comparison

​ ​
SageMailer FeedbackFive
Price $25/month $29.99/month
Email Limit 2000 1500 ($0.0075/extra email)
Additional Marketplaces Free $10 / each additional
Multilingual templates YES NO
# of Campaigns Unlimited 10 (per store)
# of Free ASINs (Review Monitoring) Unlimited 5
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When it comes to the pricing comparison between the two, I can save more monthly with SageMailer. Furthermore, Feedback Five email limits only a range of 50-100 emails during their trial period. SageMailer offers any subscription plan during the free trial period.

7 powerful benefits of SageMailer

Since I am not convinced and satisfied with Feedback Five plans, I have considered another option with fair consideration and judgment. Below, you’ll find the list of SageMailer benefits that were decisive for my choice:

The user may send an email at customer's local time. This significantly increases your email response-rate.

No extra fee
SageMailer doesn't have any fee for connecting additional stores. I have availed the Pro plan and I have not paid any fee for extra Amazon marketplaces.

Email Templates
SageMailer has multilingual email templates. When using email as a tool for getting an Amazon feedback, I consider email templates in requesting feedback as vital. In comparison to Feedback Five templates, I have been satisfied to discover that SageMailer offers a variety and appealing request templates.

Email limit
SageMailer doesn’t count messages that weren't delivered due to the opt-out Amazon policy. This way, blocked messages because of opt-out buyers are not counted in your monthly limit, and you won’t pay any extra fees for them.

Easy to start
I understand that Feedback Five is set for advanced users, but many sellers have trouble when setting up their campaigns in the right way. I find SageMailer more convenient and easy to use.

Customer service
SageMailer has fast and professional support. They have proven to deliver satisfying customer service. For me, I would not have been more satisfied.

Effective Automation
I have used it for some time now, and I can say it is doing good when it comes to soliciting feedback. I gain response and feedback from customers faster than with Feedback Five.

I have observed that aside from building a good reputation via customer feedback, you can also prompt customers to buy products through the Buy Box. Amazon will base seller performance as criteria for winning the Buy Box. With SageMailer, I am confident to get it.


All things considered, I am quite satisfied with SageMailer. If it’s not the best email automation tool in the market right now, it’s certainly better than most of those in the market.

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