If you are an Amazon seller, then sooner or later you will have to face a situation when you are sorely lacking reviews for your products. Even if you managed to increase traffic and direct it to your product listings, a large number of reviews are not guaranteed to you. Yes, that’s right, in the real world, buyers rarely leave reviews, even if they are satisfied with the product but, on the contrary, they gladly leave reviews if the product did not suit them. So how to stimulate more buyers to share their opinion, and how to get reviews on Amazon? It’s very simple, you need to ask them about it. Send them a polite email saying that their help is essential for your business. “There can be thousands of such customers! Should I write to everyone manually?” If this is what you are thinking, you can relax.

Here’s a NEW method for automating your product reviews with the efficiency that is unmatched

Using NEW Amazon’s “Request a Review” button, you can convert up to 20% of your orders into reviews which is much more efficient compared to the Buyer-Seller Messaging requests that are used by most feedback automation services (including JumpSend). With SageMailer, you’re able to automate these official Amazon requests in just a few clicks. Try it yourself with FREE 1-month full access! No card required.

Other benefits include:

  • No need to share Seller Central access information
  • 100% Amazon-approved messages
  • Amazon translates requests to the buyer’s native language
  • Exclude specific ASINs, refunded orders, buyers who left feedback or review, etc.
  • Automatically detects when order is physically delivered

Learn how you can implement this new Amazon’s “Request a Review” feature in your strategy in just 5 minutes. 1-month free trial, no card required.

Professional sellers on Amazon have found a way to automate this process long time ago. That’s where autoresponders will come to our aid, tireless services, which, day and night (depending on your requirements, of course) writing emails to people who purchased your products, asking if they liked everything and kindly reminding them to leave a review. How effective is it? Thanks to a well-tuned mailing campaign, I was able to increase the percentage of reviews left by 5 times, without increasing sales.

What is Jump Send and How it Differs From Other Services

When it comes to Amazon autoresponders, most sellers usually recall Feedback Five and Feedback Genius, sometimes they also mention Salesbacker and few other services, but usually nobody remembers JumpSend. However, this is not surprising since from the very beginning Jump Send has kept away from its own kind and for good reason. Unlike classic autoresponders, Jumpsend.com was originally used to launch new products and get Amazon reviews in exchange for discounted products. Moreover, until 2016, the service was called Review Kick and was renamed after tough updates of Amazon’s Terms of Service regarding incentivized reviews and providing buyers with products in exchange for a review.

We must pay tribute to the Jumpsend team, they quickly made the necessary conclusions, conducted a rebranding and changed their functionality to fully comply with the new Amazon TOS. But they also did not forget about their origins and retained a platform for creating discount deals, as well as a database of shoppers. Therefore, Jumpsend users can still send out their offers to 100K+ shoppers hoping to sell as many of their products as possible and at the same time get additional reviews. This opportunity is the “know-how” that distinguishes the service compared to the rest of its colleagues, but it’s also an Achilles heel, because of which many do not want to overpay for Jump Send. Now we will try to understand Jumpsend pros and cons in more detail.

What’s good about JumpSend?

In addition to the service for sending emails to your customers, you get access to the community of shoppers who were originally interested in purchasing goods on Amazon at a discount. Thus, you can save some amount on Facebook and Amazon ads. A nice bonus is that these shoppers are already familiar with Amazon Coupons, so there will not be a situation where someone could not use the coupon properly or get you annoying questions.

Jumpsend can be very useful when launching a new product, since you get first sales, which will further increase your rankings, bring organic sales and give your product an initial boost.

In addition to sales growth, you can get extra product reviews using the built-in Jumpsend autoresponder.

What’s bad about JumpSend?

You can not select the shoppers. Due to the fact that Amazon has changed its rules, now you can not give buyers a discount coupon based on their Amazon’s profile information since it may affect the likelihood of them leaving you a review.

Instead, you send the coupon to completely random shoppers who are usually not interested in your products … In addition to this, there may be product resellers on Amazon and eBay. I have seen many cases when, after using Jump Send, new sellers appeared in Amazon product listings, and their prices were much lower than the prices of the original seller.

You may be able to save money on Facebook and Amazon ads, but here you should carefully calculate everything. Because in fact, you still pay when you sell your product at a huge discount.

Shoppers are not motivated to leave you feedback

The main purpose of sending promotional codes using Jump Send is to increase sales velocity, but these sales may not lead to reviews. And buyers also have no incentive to leave positive feedback. If you have a bad product, then you are likely to get bad reviews.

You can increase the percentage of customers who leave positive feedback using the autoresponder, but since this functionality was not the core feature of the service, the Jumpsend autoresponder is not very effective and does not have enough flexibility to squeeze the most out of your mailing campaigns.

Purchases with discounts over 50% are not considered as verified reviews

This is not official information from Amazon, but most sellers have known this for quite some time.

If you provide products with a discount of more than 50%, and buyers leave a review, then most likely Amazon will not display the “verified review” badge on the review.

It is not clear how Amazon algorithm considers these sales in terms of rankings, but “verified reviews” text has a psychological effect on buyers when they make a purchase decision. In turn, if you offer products at a discount of less than 50%, this will greatly reduce the efficiency of Jumpsend’s shoppers community, in other words, you will get very little sales. Few sales = even fewer reviews. So, as a tool for receiving reviews – sending promotional coupons via Jumpsend is no longer effective, except you’re using it as a tool to increase sales velocity. Basically, you can achieve the same effect simply by lowering the price on Amazon, without using a third-party service.

You do not have access to shoppers data or email

Jumpsend has a database of 100K+ customers. However, these buyers belong to Jump Send. You will not be able to find out the email of the shopper who received your coupon, or any other information from their profile. Therefore, you will not be able to create your own mailing lists or communicate with shoppers by email. Every time you’ll have to start from scratch and the success rate will strongly differ from campaign to campaign.

You pay for the number of products not emails

Usually, autoresponder services offer tariffs according to your monthly email limit. In the case of Jumpsend, its tariff plans differ according to the number of products for which you want to send out coupon codes. So the basic plan costs $29/month and allows only 3 products, which is rather strange, since this price is high for novice sellers. In their turn, experienced sellers choose other services that allow them to set up campaigns for all their products for the same money.

Jumpsend has no tools for monitoring your reviews and feedbacks. So it will be quite difficult to track the effectiveness of your mailing. Also, the service will not inform you about negative reviews, as it does not send alerts.

What is the alternative to Jumpsend?

I tried almost all popular services for sending emails to Amazon buyers, including Feedback Five, Feedback Genius and Salesbacker. Each of these services has its advantages and disadvantages, however, I’ve chosen SageMailer, which successfully combines the simplicity of the interface and the functionality I need.

Monthly Plans Comparison – Jumpsend and SageMailer

SageMailer JumpSend
Plan PRO Starter
Price $25/month $29/month
Email Limit 2000 1600, but only 3 ASINs
Additional Marketplaces Free N/A
Product review monitoring Unlimited ASINs N/A
“Request a Review” button YES NO
Supported Marketplaces 17 Amazon marketplaces Amazon NA, Amazon EU
Multilingual templates YES NO

What do I like about SageMailer?

I was able to connect my Amazon account, create the first campaign and launch it in just 5 minutes. Sagemailer has pretty good built-in letter templates. Even without modifications, they show high open- and conversion rates. Having made a few minor adjustments, I brought the open rate of my letters to an average of 35%-40%. I’m thanking the deep and flexible settings on the letter’s editing page. You can select particular weekdays, and time and many other events depending on which your buyers will receive emails. Most importantly, the system determines the time zone of each customer and sends a letter according to it, so if you want customers to receive your letter in the morning, everyone will receive it at this time.

At any time you can check how your letter will look like by using the Preview function or by sending the test email to yourself. A large set of dynamic autofill tags that insert information from a specific order into a letter’s message greatly simplifies the process of personalizing letters and significantly improves their efficiency.

Also, if we talk about efficiency, SageMailer measures the open-rate of all your letters, so that you know exactly which of them work better and which ones should be improved. Another efficiency tool is the review monitoring, which allows you to track reviews for an unlimited number of your ASINs (unlike Jumpsend.com). Moreover, the system sends notifications as soon as you receive a negative review or feedback so that you can immediately respond to it. Get more information about how to ask customers to remove a negative review..

Automation of Amazon’s “Request a Review” button

This is the NEW method of requesting product reviews and seller feedback using the official Amazon-approved requests. It’s not availave in JumpSend but with SageMailer you can simply set up the “Request a Review” campaigns that can be empowered by additional timing settings.

The “Request a Review” button method is up to 30%-50% more efficient than the Buyer-Seller Messaging method and is 100% safe. These requests are send directly by Amazon so you can be sure about their compliance and successful delivery, every time.

Boost your products reviews in minutes

Another distinctive feature of SageMailer is a function that allows you to send emails to your previous customers. SageMailer imports information about your previous customers and orders from Amazon (for the last 30 days), even if they were received before you registered with the service. Such buyers are a great opportunity to get instant reviews from the start, just send them a review request. If buyers are happy with your product, they will gladly leave a review, thereby raising your rating and increasing organic sales.

Final thoughts

Since the update of Amazon rules in 2016, it has become very difficult to launch new products, get initial sales and reviews using coupon codes. Therefore, services such as Jumpsend (former Review Kick) are gradually losing their relevance. They shift their emphasis towards classic Amazon autoresponders, but cannot abandon their heritage, thus getting stuck between two worlds, which prevents them from finding their target audience.

Currently, I recommend giving preference to usual autoresponders, which allow you to organize the customer service more efficiently. You’ll be able to turn your mailing campaigns into a real tool for getting reviews and tracking user satisfaction. Moreover, advanced analytics allow you to constantly monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and make timely adjustments.

If you want to try a truly functional service with excellent support, try Sagemailer. It has a free 1-month trial. No card required.