September 26, 2019

BQool Review from A to Z

Just 1% -2% of of buyers leave reviews. So how do successful sellers cope with this situation and get hundreds of reviews for their bestselling products?

There are more than 6 million sellers on Amazon, and each of them knows that product reviews are one of the most important factors for a successful business on the platform. But, unfortunately, they are not at all easy to get, because buyers leave feedback for just 1% -2% of orders. And the saddest thing is that buyers are more likely to leave feedback if they are unsatisfied with the purchase. So how do successful sellers cope with this situation and get hundreds of reviews for their bestselling products?

To increase the percentage of buyers who leave reviews and at the same time to minimize the number of negative reviews, there are many services for Amazon feedback management. They integrate with Amazon Seller Central accounts and automatically send messages to customers asking them to leave feedback. This approach allows increasing the number of reviews left by 2-3 times, thereby improving your online reputation and increasing sales. Of course, you can send such messages manually, but if you have hundreds or thousands of orders, it’ll take all your free time. Therefore, in this article, we’ll consider one of the popular services for getting reviews and feedback on Amazon.

Details about BQool Feedback Software

BQool is a software that has been on the market for quite some time and relies on its versatility. The main idea is to make a decision that allows Amazon sellers to fully control their store from a single dashboard. BQool software consists of four modules: Repricing, Feedback, Review, and Research Central.

These features allow the user to improve seller ratings on Amazon, increase product reviews and potentially sales. Each of the 4 above modules does its job:

Repricing Central - This will help your products maintain a competitive price, regardless of the actions of competitors. Thanks to constant price monitoring, you increase your chance of winning a Buy-Box.

Feedback Central - This module sends automatic emails to buyers, asking them to leave feedback or product reviews. You can choose a specific time when to send messages to increase their efficiency.

Review Central - Sometimes buyers can leave you a negative review about a product and in this case, BQool will inform you so that you can instantly respond to the review and maintain an online reputation.

Research Central - This module provides sellers with information on hot new items in various categories, bestsellers, most wished products, etc. This can be very useful when researching new products.

What you need to know about BQool

The versatility of BQool at the same time is the main disadvantage of the service. Since the developers tried to include in one program too many aspects that a seller on Amazon has to deal with. As a result, it turned out that this service does not have a specific niche, and it’s not entirely clear for what needs it’s best suited. In this article, we decided to pay attention to getting product reviews, so let's focus on the Feedback Central and Review Central modules, which are responsible for this direction in BQool service.

BQool email management


BQool plans start from $10/month and allow you to send 500 emails. Each extra letter will cost you 0.02 cents. It seems a little, but if you incorrectly estimated the limit you need, then extra emails can cost a pretty penny.

Email templates

BQool has default email templates that are pretty well written and can be used without prior editing. But these BQool templates are not translated for all marketplaces supported by the software. Thus, you will have to send letters in English for all other marketplaces as well or use automatic Google translation, which can be a worse option. Moreover, you can use the advanced settings for sending letters only starting from the package for $50/month. For a novice seller, BQool pricing can be too expensive.

Additional fees

Another unpleasant aspect is that if you even bought a plan for $50/month, you are still waiting for additional hidden costs since by default you can attach only one Amazon marketplace. Each next Amazon marketplace will cost you an additional $10/marketplace. That is, if you sell on EU Amazon, then it will cost another $50 dollars.

BQool A/B testing

Unfortunately, BQool does not have an A/B testing feature. Therefore, you cannot measure either the open rate of a letter or test several options.

BQool product review management

Another unpleasant surprise is that you will also have to pay extra for this function (in addition to extra emails, and additional marketplaces). By default, you can only monitor reviews for 5 ASINs, which is too small for most sellers (after all, many sellers have hundreds or even thousands of different products).

BQool also displays your reviews only for the last 90 days, which does not give you a complete picture of your review profile. In turn, new reviews are added to the system only after 48 hours or more. Very often, this may be a too long delay to influence the opinion of a dissatisfied buyer.

What is a BQool alternative?

Given all of the above, BQool can hardly be called the most effective and thoughtful tool to increase the number of product reviews. This is the flip side of its "versatility." Therefore, for these purposes, we recommend specialized tools as BQool competitors, one of them is SageMailer.

Monthly Plans Comparison - BQool and SageMailer

SageMailer BQool
Plan PRO $25
Price $25/month $25/month
Email Limit 2000 2000
Additional Marketplaces Free $10 / each additional
Product review monitoring Unlimited ASINs 5 ASINs
Email Overage Charge NO YES
Multilingual templates YES NO

Learn More About SageMailer Here

What are the pros of SageMailer?

1. User-friendly interface

One of the main advantages of SageMailer is its simplicity and effectiveness. Thanks to the functional interface, you can connect your Amazon account and create the first campaign in just 2 minutes.

2. High open rate

Even using the default email templates, you can get an average open rate of 30%. This indicator can be increased even more if you adapt the text of the letter specifically for your products and set custom letter delivery settings (which, unlike BQool, are available in all tariff plans, even in the Free plan).

3. Advanced delivery settings

It is very important that the system calculates the time zone of each buyer, so all buyers receive letters at the same time you specify.

4. Multilingual email templates

To request feedback from sellers on non-US marketplaces, SageMailer has multilingual letter templates. An appeal in the native language of the buyer significantly increases your chances of receiving a positive review and a positive reaction to your letter.

5. Tracking old and new product reviews

Unlike BQool, SageMailer imports all your product reviews from the launching of a product. And new reviews appear in the system a few hours after their publication on Amazon, so that you can quickly respond to any buyer concerns.

6. Analytics and A/B testing

In order to ideally choose the time and weekdays for sending letters, as well as the best heading for the letter, SageMailer measures the open rate of each letter. And if you want to experiment and create your own top-notch letter, then use A/B testing, which allows you to simultaneously test several variants of letters with different headers and delivery settings. To find the best option, you will need only a few minutes, then the system will calculate everything automatically.

7. No hidden fees

In SageMailer you pay only once, everything else is included. Starting with the Basic plan, you can monitor reviews and receive alerts for an infinite number of ASINs. And starting with the Pro plan, you can connect ALL Amazon marketplaces on which you sell.

8. Individual plans

Moreover, if you exceed your email limit, SageMailer does not charge you extra money or turn off your campaigns. The service allows you to exceed the monthly limit by 10%-15% without any "sanctions", so you do not need to worry every time because of your statistics of sent letters. If you have exceeded your limit, the support team will offer you an individual plan that will meet your needs and you won’t have to overpay for a more expensive plan.

Final thoughts

When it comes to increasing the number of product reviews, we recommend giving preference to specialized feedback services, rather than universal "Swiss knives" for Amazon sellers. With specialized services, you can set up the most effective campaigns, get advanced analytics and timely react to the satisfaction of your customers.

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So if you want to try a real review tool with great support, try free 21-day SageMailer trial.